MURAL ON BRICK, street art, art public.When I received the invitation to paint this mural. What became very interesting for me was the idea that the neighbors themselves will chose the subject for the mural as a result of several workshops and games made by MU. It's interesting how the mural, by involving the environment and community in its creation, becomes interactive and personalized for that community. Then it becomes not only a soulless painted wall but a representation of that community. And the artist not only represents his own art, style or interests, but also becomes a medium for the community to express itself. In this sense, the artist begins the piece, but it's the community itself that finishes the piece and gives it life!

Thank you to the residents who chose the theme of the mural as well as to the sponsors:
Parcours Âmes, l’OMHM, @arr_mhm, @acceslocation1475 , @benjaminmoore et!

8365 rue Forbin-Janson Montréal, QC H1K 2H9

Organisé par:

Alex Grils

Photographie et Vídeo:
Olivier Bousquet

Dame Justice                         

Mural on Brick 
Latex enamel paint #handmade
2021 Habitations Dupéré
Montréal, QC., Canada

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Québec / México